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November 1988 was the charter date and was one of the first of five Alumni Extention chapters. The approval for the Alumni-Extension was made at the NSBE Convention Spring '88. I (Kenneth Johnson) was the Regional V Chairman and on the Exec Board of NSBE.

- Founding members: Ken Johnson, Ken Green, Joe Allan, Terry Francis, Allen, Kim Seawell, LeMont Coleman, Joi Moore, Bernadette Johnson

- Over the years, the chapter has met at a number of different places. The start was at a North Raleigh Apartment Complex clubhouse for three months, then moved to the 1920’s Deli Sub (now China One) on Alston Avenue (highway 55) in Durham for the next 1 - 2 years and the Research Triangle Institute in RTP for the next several years. The organization now meets at ??????

- Average members was around 25 people per meeting.

What are some projects or major accomplishments?

- 1988 the chapter was recognized as one of the first five chartered Alumni chapters in the nation.

- 1989 under the Presidency of Ken Johnson, the chapter submitted its first alumni chapter of the year application and was among the finalists in the judging that year.

- The chapter also in 1990 was recognized as Alumni Chapter of the Year under the Presidency of Terry Francis.

- The chapter also started in the summer of 1989 what it called was its “Family Day Picnic”. This was an event that was held to bring the NSBE-AE spouses and families together for Texas style BBQ, soda and games. This was an annual event for several years in the chapters history.

- The chapter was also active in attending Regional meetings and NSBE Annual conferences (later called Conventions).

Members also participated in helping with the first NSBE leadership conference held on the campus of NC State somewhere between 1989 - 1990

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