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Johanna Outlaw is a clinical project manager at PPD in Morrisville, NC. Her role involves managing patient data recordings for clinical trials using interactive response technology.

Johanna Outlaw is a spirited Tennessee State University (the real TSU) graduate in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and a seasoned technical professional of 20+ years of experience.

Engineers are known to be multi-faceted and versatile. They solve problems across various disciplines because they can often easily pivot skills to new functions and industries. This is a timely capability for the current job uncertainties. Johanna’s book A life in Transition shows her resiliency and ability to re-skill after experiencing the most dreaded fear faced by professionals in Corporate America; being blindsided by a permanent layoff phone call. Johanna Outlaw is an electrical engineer by trade, turned author and public speaker who motivates and encourages others to achieve. This book and her freshman release Power of the Turtle are both available for purchase on Amazon.

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