As of March 16, all NSBE in-person activities have been suspended until further notice due to Covid-19.

RTP NSBE will proceed virtually where feasible.

Seeking Leaders for RTP NSBE 2020-2021

Nominations & Elections Update

March 31 Nominations Meeting Registration is Open to All MembersVolunteers

Click Here for a description of E-Board Roles

  • Only financial members can nominate & vote
  • Nominees must be financial members
  • All members will receive nominations form via email by March 24.

If there are any questions or information needed, please email Doug Davis at

Virtual Volunteerism & Support Needs During COVID-19


If you are willing to share your virtual tech savvy skills voluntarily to support a place of worship, school, university, teacher , student or other charity, please sign up to be on call. Individuals may need your support with training on virtual options (Zoom, Hang out, facebook live, etc) or in actually facilitating the virtual event.


If you as a parent, teacher, non-profit or small business need these services, please register via this form. (Click on link or fill out form below). Someone will contact you to arrange support.

For details, email Rae Johnson at:

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