If you are in need of employment or if you are looking for a career change, NSBE career resources are available to assist you with viewing jobs, uploading a resume,  and creating job alerts for specific job opportunities.   

If you know of an available position, then please email us at

NSBE RTP provides these job posting/announcements as a courtesy to NSBE RTP members and affiliates . NSBE RTP makes no guarantee about positions listed and is not responsible for safety, wages, working conditions, or other aspects of employment or an internship. It is the responsibility of each individual job seeker to research the integrity of the organization(s) to which he/she is applying and to verify the specific information pertaining to the job posting. Job seekers should exercise due diligence and use common sense and caution when applying for or accepting any position. Users of this information agree to indemnify NSBE RTP Board members and general membership from all liability incurred by relying on this information.